February 2020 Newsletter

**Happy Valentine's Day**

                         Important Information For All Residents:

It's Valentine's Day~! Let's love our neighbors!


Resident Appreciation Week: We love our residents and we are going to celebrate them for a whole week. Starting Feb 10th ending Feb 14th we will be doing special little things to show you all how much you mean to us here at Harbor Oaks Apartments!


Preferred Parking Spots: If you are interested in reserving a parking spot please contact the front office. The spots are $25 per month and 1 spot is allowed per household.


Rent: Effective immediately, the lease will be upheld to the fullest in regards to rent. Rent is due on the 1st with a grace period until the 3rd. If rent is not paid by the 3rd of the month, a 3-day notice to pay will be sent, and a late fee will be applied. Rent must be paid in full with the late fee, no partial payments, by the notice expiration date. If rent is not paid within the time frame allowed, you must contact the Property Manger as soon as possible to avoid an eviction.


Clothing Drive: Starting Feb 3rd, we will be collecting clothes and shoes to be donated to the Volunteer Way. Please bring donations in a closed plastic bag to the front office by Feb 27th.

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